Anahata Chakra

Now we come to the middle of our rainbow journey, a beautiful calming green as we enter Anahata chakra at the heart space. The color green emerges when yellow and blue combine, the color of nature and balance,union between the sky and the earth. Anahata translates as “unstuck” and suitably the element is air.

This energy center physically corresponds to the heart, lungs, arms and hands and to the sense of touch. It is from here that we are able to hold and embrace each other lovingly, and from this place that a mother instinctively holds her baby. The heart meridians run along the length of the arms into the hands and then from the hands we can offer love, touch and healing. Energy (prana) can be directed from the heart chakra through the hands, the ability to heal being a natural extension of the increased capacity for love. When Anahata chakra is open and balanced we are able to give and receive love and compassion becomes a natural part of life. The love that radiates from Anahata chakra is universal unconditional love, a flow of living energy pours through the heart towards other sentient beings.

Of course this chakra has its shadow side too, carrying accumulated aspects of sadness, fear and grief. In fact I feel personally that the heart energy in the world today is quite depleted…and humanity seems to be facing a lot of the shadow side of Anahata. If you would like to read more deeply into this subject I recommend “Eastern Body Western Mind” by Anodea Judit or “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss.

The world needs healing, at this time. Fortunately there are some really great and inspiring people out there, for example Amma, whose aim is to embrace the world.

“Only when human beings are able to perceive and acknowledge the Self in each other can there be real peace.” (Amma)

Amma shows us a shining example of compassionate love in action. The pure qualities of Anahata: love, understanding, trust, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness…Here we have a true example of the “Awakened Heart”, this kind of love can permeate through all existence…The compassion born from the awareness that suffering in life is a result of the feeling of separation but in reality we are all connected in our human existence. The awakened heart, through compassion wants to help all those suffering to open to the experience of joy.

Forgiveness is a powerful energy connected to Anahata chakra and first we have to be able to forgive ourselves. Sometimes the hardest relationships we may experience is the one we have with ourselves…there is no other way but to learn to love and accept ones self first. In order to really awaken to the heart and compassionate love, the first three chakra’s, with all their qualities, must be balanced and stable. For the heart chakra to open and function, it cannot get too attached to all the suffering in the world.

Until one develops the natural love of the heart, it is impossible to take a single step on the spiritual path.” -Swami Sri Yukteswar

The heart chakra consciousness allows us to live in a place of love, where we can freely give of our spirit. Energy is inexhaustible at this level.

I will finish here with a beautiful affirmation from Makunda Stiles:

“With Great Respect and love, I honor my heart, my inner teacher.”


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