Swadisthana Chakra

Now we come to Swadhistana Chakra, the second color of the rainbow, orange, juicy and not surprisingly associated to the sense of taste (believe me, these organic oranges from better food are incredible)…

This week (11th-17th Jan 2016) naturally and magically coincided with the time of the new moon…which was perfect…for these sessions..There was also a lot of rain pouring down to earth…which sounded beautiful during classes.

This Chakra has a feminine, watery and moon like quality to her. Situated in front of the sacrum and behind the ovaries/gonads. Swadisthana can be translated as “ones own abode.”Her qualities are of sexuality, pleasure, procreation, creativity and empathy…

Physically the flow of fluids in the body is here, the connection of the water elements which is also symbolic for purification. It is important for this Chakra to be cleared and balanced for energy to be able to rise upwards into the higher chakras. Rest and sleep (yoga nidra) are useful for re-charging this Chakra so that it can function and enable a connection to ones creative flow.


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