Muladhara Chakra

This year, 2016, I decided to introduce Chakra themed classes and take students on a bit of a rainbow journey to the awesome world of Chakras…Each week we are looking at a different Chakra and working through Asana, Breath, Visualization and reflection to familiarize ourselves more with the qualities of these fascinating energy centers.

During Muladhara week (4th-10th Jan 2016) we looked at the root or base Chakra and its earth element. Each  energy center corresponds to a gland, and this one to the adrenal glands-the output of adrenaline and the primitive fight or flight response. Quite suitably its color is red, like life blood and the sense is smell.  It is also connected to the large intestines, the rectum, and the kidneys. When looking at Chakras we can start to observe the subtle energy body which runs parallel to the physical body. Muladhara chakra provides an anchor, a foundation which in our yoga practice is imperative. It is also associated to the planet Mars….


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