Yoga for Peace

The more we are motivated by love,

The more fearless and free

Our actions will be…

-Dalai Lama-

The words above, by the Dalai Lama, have been an ongoing inspiration on my yoga journey.

Yoga takes us on a journey that can only be understood by consistent practise and dedicated study. It may not be the easiest journey; there will be times when you will question yourself and life more than ever. When your practise includes Ahimsa (non-violence), love and compassion you may encounter that place of fearless freedom.

Every time I come to practise, I know that I am beginning again, letting go of whatever has happened and taking my awareness to the present moment; a time to tune in and acknowledge what’s going on inside. It is so easy to get caught up in all the external chaos because we live in crazy and challenging times…how could we not get involved? –after all we are all connected in our human existence. We are all a part of this universe…each one of us like a tiny twinkling star.

If we want peace on earth we have to start with ourselves. We can do this by coming home to ourselves, looking within and doing the work that has to be done. We begin with the physical body, through the practise of yoga ASANA and our own experiential understanding, taking responsibility for our own healing. The human body is itself an incredible creation and well worth taking care of, it is our temple.

“The body is my temple and the asana’s are my prayers” B.K.S. Iyengar

The breath breathes the body giving us energy or vitality, PRANA. To experience the body being breathed by the breath with full awareness is so beautiful…and one cannot help but feel love and gratitude for this process, which gives us life. The knowledge and understanding that we are all breathed by the same breath and that we are all connected by breath is profound.

By sitting in stillness and silence, we can learn more about the essence of life, of being part of humanity and the vast oneness. So the practise of yoga can take us on this incredible journey and if we all take responsibility and stop supporting corrupt corporations involved in the destruction of mother earth then at least we are doing our part as best we can…

If we really want PEACE ON EARTH, we have to start from home: within ourselves, our families and communities. Each one of us must take responsibility by doing whatever it takes to BE THE PEACE. Lets do that, lets cultivate a more peaceful existence here on earth, in our lifetime, now and for future generations!

May I be at Peace,

May my heart remain open,

May I awaken to the

Light of my own nature

May I be healed.

May I be a source

of healing for all beings.

-Buddhist Tradition-




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