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Autumn is here, the colors in the trees like fossilized sunshine-a warm golden glow. The nights are getting longer and its time to wrap up warm. Its wonderful that so many people are practicing Yoga at this time, as there does appear to be a lot of challenge and turbulence, with earthquakes and natural disasters, wars, refugees, politics and homelessness. These are times when we need to come back home to ourselves. We are all visitors on this planet, global nomads and now more then ever is the time to look within, where else is there to go?

Yoga can bring us into the present moment, a moment where we can just be still and enjoy each breath, each part of the breath, the breath as a breathing moving energy that in fact unites the mind and the body and also unites us all to each other, as well as animals, trees and all living life on planet earth. We are all connected by breath.

Yoga brings vitality back to the body freeing up tension and blockages as well as stimulating the body in order to be able to relax and let go. Yoga means “that which unites”. Its time to unite.

Om Shanti.

Love and Peace to all.


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