Welcome to YogaGladey.  I hold yoga sessions in various locations in Bristol (please check the timetable).

I aim to create a space for you to practice freely and safely, working kindly and lovingly with your own body and incorporating every aspect of you truthfully and with acceptance.

We begin with the outer layer, the physical body and then tune in with the breath. By bringing conscious awareness to the breath-the life force energy-we can start to calm and focus the mind. This then allows for an experience of spaciousness and freedom, taking us home to our simple and divine nature. By cultivating this kind of awareness and coming into the present moment we are able to experience this precious human life with more gratitude, love and peace.

The Yoga classes are also about coming together to practice. People often tell me that they find it hard to practice at home on their own. It is wonderful to be part of a group or “Sangha” and to be guided through a practice with other practitioners sharing a very valuable time and sacred group energy.


Gladey is an authentic teacher: she shares from the heart and from her life experience. Her classes are accessible to all and she welcomes you with compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit. Continue reading Ali Woozley

Ali Woozley

I love attending Gladey’s classes, she is definitely one of my favourite teachers, she has such warmth, so welcoming, open, so much fun & just a brilliant yoga teacher. I love the fact her classes are so mixed in ages & abilities, Gladey has a knack of bringing people together and she attracts just the nicest of people so the energy in her classes are one of positivity and fun. I’ve been attending Gladey’s classes for a couple of years now and no two classes have EVER been the same, they are so enjoyable and Gladey picks up on the … Continue reading Ceri


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